MSSQL Express Network Access

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Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition is a good product to use when you’re developing an application. But when it comes to connectivity from from other workstation, SQL Server Express doesn’t come with enough settings with firewall configuration nor the SQL port (Default port: 1433)

In order to access SQL Server Express Edition from other workstation, there’re some configuration that you should do:

  1. Configure your SQL Server Configuration Manager

    SQL Server Configuration Manager

    SQL Server Configuration Manager

  2. SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for SQLEXPRESS
  3. Modify “Named Pipes” protocol to enabled (Double click on the protocol and set enabled to Yes)

    Named Pipes Properties

    Named Pipes Properties

  4. Do the same for “TCP/IP” protocol
  5. Add another configuration to the “TCP/IP” protocol. Open “TCP/IP” properties and choose IP Addresses tab, scroll down to “IPAll” section and set as follows:
    1. TCP Dymanic Ports: Set blank
    2. TCP Port: Set 1433

      TCP/IP - IP Addresses Properties

      TCP/IP – IP Addresses Properties

  6. Restart your SQL Server Services (SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Services)
    1. SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)
    2. SQL Server Browser – Set this service to start automatic if disabled or manual
  7. Configure your windows firewall to allow these port: 80, 135, 443, 1433, 1434, 2382, 2383, 4022
  8. Or you can skip step 7 and run this windows bat (Courtesy to whom ever created this bat)

Hope these helps, cheers 🙂


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