Kubernetes Stuck at Starting

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Microservice and containerization is the next future, at least when this article is written. Playing with docker is quite fun, deploying microservices as a container is also fun. After success creating .NETCore container (another topic, another day perhaps), it’s time to level up the game to use orchestrator.

First one I choose to play with is Kubernetes (K8) since it’s included in Docker Desktop for Windows (or MacOS). The setup was quite easy, just a few ticks on settings as shown.

Convert VMWare to Hyper-V

Reading Time: 4 minutes

My daily task requires me to do research on certain new things, different platform, testing software, or running multiple version of IDE (eg. Visual Studio). One crazy idea is to install my IDE inside VM and do all my research inside VM so the host machine will still in it’s peak performance due to less install garbage.

But now we’re not going to talk about the VM it self (it might be used as another topic another day), due to the availability of Hyper-V virtualization when you purchase Windows workstation license since Windows 8 made me want to migrate all my VM from VMWare Workstation to Hyper-V. Here’s how i make it happen